Gyanendra Kumar

Gyanendra Kumar

Undergraduate Student
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

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Hi... I am Gyanendra Kumar. If you are reading this ,I hope You are intrested in knowing me. I have a strong administrative professional with a Bachelor of Technology - BTech focused in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Currently I am in Second year of My College life.

Although I am from Mechanical Engineering ,I am enthusiast in coding especially competitive coding. I like exploring new things and gaining new skills. Now I think I am enough skilled in Bootstrap, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, JavaScript, and Web Development .Currently I am working to to develop my skills on Data Structure and Algorithms (DSA) and in Finance Industry. I have a keen intrest toward the algorithmic trading in Finance. In Near Future ,I also want to learn the specific framework like react ,nodejs,angular for web development.I also like watching movies and T.V series .

Talking about my hobbies, I was fond of teaching. Teaching is somewhat kind of my hobby. I usually find myself enjoying when I teaches someone.In my point of view of view Education is a primary and fundamental need of everyone. And It would me great pleasure for me if with my knowledge or level of understanding I would help anyone.

At last, With due respect I want to thank my teachers ,professors,mentors,seniors,friends , family members in supporting me in all stages of life. I also thankful to society as many things in my life which no one teaches you in the life will be automatically teached by the society.The society gaves us a path in our life by telling both there pros and cons of many things.

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Gyanendra Kumar
Web Development
Gyanendra Kumar
Gyanendra Kumar
Algorithmic Trading
Gyanendra Kumar

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